Ella's Voice

Housing is a Human RIght

Episode Summary

Note: this episode contains strong language. Housing segregation, displacement and the criminalization of the homeless was already a crisis in Oakland before the COVID-19 pandemic. Angelo Sandoval (Ella Baker Center Sr. Organizer and Advocate) and Anita De Asis Miralle aka Needa Bee (co-founder of Feed The People & The Village, owner of Oakland’s Original Lumia Lady & The Lumpia Shack) break down the challenges faced by Oakland's unsheltered residents, and the recent violent attack on The Village in Oakland outreach workers by Oakland Police Department officers.

Episode Notes

Learn more about the Ella Baker Center's work to decriminalize Oakland's unsheltered residents

Visit the Village in Oakland  and support #NoVacanacyCa, the effort to create immediate shelter for unhoused seniors, families with children, and unsheltered with serious pre-existing medical conditions in hotels. 

Watch the video of OPD's attack on The Village in Oakland outreach workers.